Quick Tip: Easy Door Joinery

If you plan on making kitchen cabinet doors - or any doors for that matter - here's a great tip to create sturdy joints that are easy to do with a biscuit joiner.


When making your own doors, whether for kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, or cabinets, the easiest way is to glue butt joints together. However, this method does not give you very sturdy joints. If you want to use glued butt joints but also have a very strong joint, use the method below when making cupboard or cabinet doors.



1. For this method of joinery you will need a biscuit joiner. After gluing the joints together, place the biscuit joiner centrally over the join to cut out a slot.

2. Repeat this for all the corner butt joints.

GOOD TO KNOW: Position the biscuit joiner accurately at all corners, top and bottom, to cut out a 4mm wide slot.

4. You will also need to cut your own 'biscuits' using the same wood, 4mm thickness, to fit into the cut slots. Sand these smooth after cutting.

5. Test fit that the biscuits fit nicely into the cut slots.


6. Apply Ponal wood glue to the slots and sides of your biscuit and push this firmly into the slot. Immediately wipe away any glue that oozes out.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't worry if the biscuit sticks out at the bottom, as this will be sanded away.




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