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Drill bit measuring plate

Here's the perfect accessory for every DIY workshop. The Tork Craft Measuring Plate takes the guess work out of any drilling and allows you to select drill bits, screw and bolt sizing, wall plugs.


When you do a lot of DIY projects you end up with drill bits, screws, walls plugs and related hardware in all sizes. With the Tork Craft Measuring Bit you can now be sure to select the correct size for your particular project. Now you never have to worry about selecting and using the wrong size of drill bit.

This practical and useful tool will be the cheapest item in your workshop, but guarantees to be the most useful and most used. The measuring bit can be used to measure all drill bits for wood, steel and masonry - from 1 to 13mm.

The Tork Craft Measuring Bit is available from all leading stores countrywide or contact for your nearest retail outlet.


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