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Drill bit sharpening systems

When you use your drill bits regularly, they soon become dull. Rather than have to replace dull bits you can now invest in a self-powered drill bit sharpening system and save some money.


Drill Doctor is new technology in drill bit sharpening and has to be the most innovative tool ever introduced. There are various bit sharpening products on the market that are complicated and don’t allow any room for errors. Some are hard to set up, use and need to be powered by a drilling machine.





Now there is the Drill Doctor range. Simple and self-powered, this is a system that does it all:

- Simple instructions

- Instruction booklet and DVD supplied

- No errors in setting up

- Options for sharpening angles

 - Setting up steel or masonry drills for sharpening is easy

Drill Doctor's 750X is the flagship model in the range and sharpens standard steel twist and masonry bits from 3mm to 19mm. Plus, this system offers custom point angle sharpening that can be set to any angle from 115 to 140 degrees. Adjustable material removal allows the user to change the amount of material removed during sharpening to further extend the life of the bits. This unit also has a cast aluminium point angle shuttle for added durability.

The 750X comes packaged in a hard shell carrying case complete with 1.2m power cord, drill sharpener, a 19mm chuck (for bits from 3 to 19mm), 180 grit diamond sharpening wheel (pre-installed), user guide and instructional DVD, plus a wheel hub wrench for replacing the diamond sharpening wheels.

Drill Doctor is a leading brand from Vermont Sales. Visit for more information or to find your nearest retail stockist.


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