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The Drilby Dust Catcher from Tork Craft

If you are doing home improvements or do a fair amount of drilling into walls, the Tork Craft Drilby is an affordable tool to add to your collection.


Here's one tool that keeps your home clean while you work. The Tork Craft Drilby is an inexpensive addition to your toolbox that you will want to buy.

Every homeowner does a fair amount of drilling into walls in their home, and the same applies to anyone who does home repairs and handyman work. “There are a number of accessory units that do a similar job, but are not as sophisticated and as reliable as the Drilby" said Dale Englebrecht, Director at Vermont Sales. "In all the years we have tested a number of units that are available for this application, but the one unit that does it better is the Tork Craft Drilby.”

The Drilby has been tested by the trade and many end users to be the most affordable accessory for your toolbox, and no DIY enthusiast or tradesman should be without one. Simple to use, the Tork Craft Drilby offers stress-free and mess-free drilling and saves time in cleaning up.





It not only collects drill dust but also acts as a drill guide, accommodating drill sizes from 4 to 12mm. Unlike non-reusable paper units you can use the Drilby again and again.

Since the Drilby is fitted directly onto the drill bit, there's no need to tape packets to the wall or lay down paper to catch the dust. Forget about having to vacuum the walls and sweep and floor after drilling - the Drilby solves all these problems.

Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories in the Vermont Sales. Visit for more information.


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