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Drawer front clamps from Tork Craft

Thanks to Tork Craft, these handy drawer front clamps will save you aggravation, time and offers 100% accuracy. Simply clamp, adjust, fasten and you're done.

Up until now, drawer front clamps were only available for international shipping via Rockler (see below). Now, Tork Craft introduce drawer front clamps (shown above) to South Africa - saving you the frustration that so often comes when mounting perfect drawer fronts. While the design differs from that of the drawer clamps available via Rockler, they offer the same method for mounting drawer fronts.

Supplied as a set, the right and left clamps are attached to the drawer front and clamped to each side of the frame. Mounting perfectly aligned drawer fronts is now easy for everyone.






  • Start with the bottom drawer front and work your way up, using a spacer between the drawer front sections as you move up.
  • After aligning the sides of the drawer fronts, tighten the front clamp screws, drill and screw together, fastening the drawer front on both the sides.

Tork Craft products are available at Builders Warehouse and all leading suppliers countrywide. Visit to find your nearest supplier.


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