Dog house veggie garden

Here's a way to combine a portable kennel for your dog with a small kitchen herb garden. Wheel it around and place it in the best position - it's totally mobile!


You dog will love this mobile dog kennel. Easily adjust the measurements for any size of dog, and find all the materials you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse or timber merchant.

The mobile dog kennel is designed specifically to serve two purposes; as a warm place to snuggle for your pet, and to house a selection of kitchen herbs.


4 of 1000 x 1000mm 19mm plywood - sides, front and back

2 of 962 x 1000mm - 19mm plywood - base and top

2 of 44 x 962mm pine - top supports, front and back

2 of 44 x 956mm pine - top supports, sides

4 x 45mm screws, pack of 50

4 x 30m screws, 12

4 caster wheels plus 16mm screws

Plastic tray

Heavy-duty plastic sheet

Woodoc 50 or 50 exterior sealer and paintbrush


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Jigsaw and clean-cut blade

Sander plus 180-grit sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil


1. Before assembly, measure 200mm in on the front section to cut out an opening using your jigsaw. 

2. Attach the front and back to the sides with screws, using 4 screws per side. Countersink all holes for a flush finish. 

3. Now you can insert and attach the base using screws through the frame. Again, countersink all holes. 

4. If not already done, cut the pine strips to length to fit at the top of the assembly. 

5. The pine strips are mounted at the top, 106mm down from the top edge.  

6. Secure these to the assembly with 3 of 30mm screws per strip. 

7. Insert the top section and secure through the underside of the board into the pine strips. 

8. Secure the caster wheels to the base with 16mm screws.

9. Sand the completed assembly before sealing with Woodoc 50 or 55 exterior sealer. Follow the instructions on the can for proper application.

10. To finish off and be able to plant a selection of kitchen herbs in the top, you have a couple of options. For this project we mounted a plastic tray at the top, that sits nicely on top of the pine strips. Heavy-duty black plastic underneath the tray ensures the dog house stays dry. Another option would be to use Rust-Oleum LeakSeal to seal the entire top section and make it waterproof.