Make doggie steps

I have a pair of Dachshunds and one is getting on in age. To help them climb onto the bed I made a set of storage doggie steps.


I admit it... my dogs sleep in the bed! To make it easier for them to get on and off the bed, especially during the night when they want a drink of water, the steps allow them to go up and down easily.

So as not to waste the space the doggie step boxes also provide storage for bed linen and seasonal blankets.


All pieces 12mm SupaWood. Have all the pieces cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse or board supplier.

Large Box:

2 of 488 x 450mm - front / back

2 of 488 x 356mm - sides

1 of 450 x 380mm - top

1 of 426 x 356mm - base

Medium Box:

2 of 308 x 450mm - front / back

2 of 308 x 356mm - sides

1 of 450 x 380mm - top

1 of 426 x 356mm - base

Small Box:

2 of 148 x 450mm - front / back

2 of 148 x 356mm - sides

1 of 450 x 380mm - top

1 of 426 x 356mm - base

2 of butt hinges and 16mm screws

Pack of 4 x 30mm smooth shank screws

12 of silicone bumpers

Alcolin Wood filler

Acrylic paint to finish


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits and countersink bit

Orbital Sander plus 180-grit sanding pads

Bosch PFS Spray System or paintbrush and foam roller

Find all the supplies for this project at Builders Warehouse.


1. Make up the individual boxes by securing the sides around the base. All holes are pre-drilled and countersunk so that the screws are just below the surface.

2. Once assembled, all holes are filled in with wood filler before sanding smooth. Wipe away all dust.

3. Attach the lid using [2] butt hinges and 16mm screws.

4. For a professional finish paint inside and outside the boxes with a Bosch PFS Spray System and acrylic paint. We prefer to use Prominent Select Sheen for our painting projects. For added protection - and scratches from doggies claws - we applied three coats of Prominent acrylic sealer.

5. Finish by securing a small silicone bumper on the top edges at each corner. This will lift the lid slightly and compensate for the hinges at the back.