Find the treat! Intelligent toy for smart dogs

A creative idea you can make yourself by using Dremel tools is this intelligent toy with a drawer and pull cord. Fill the drawer with a home-baked dog biscuit and you have the perfect, interactive dog toy for your four-legged friend.



1 of 250 x 180mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - drawer base

2 of 250 x 100mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - drawer sides

2 of 180 x 112mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - drawer front/ back

2 of 265 x 210mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - box top / bottom

2 of 265 x 120mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - box sides

1 of 210 x 132mm x 12mm plywood or MDF - box back

40mm wood screws [2]

Thick rope, 250mm length

Acrylic Paint, Woodoc 10 and painting tools


Dremel MultiTool and Sanding Ring

Dremel Glue Gun and hot glue sticks

Screwdriver (corresponding to type of screws used)

Tape measure or ruler and pencil

Safety glasses

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.


1. For an easy way to assemble this project use a Dremel Glue Gun to secure the parts together.

2. You can use a Dremel MultiTool and sanding ring to sand the edges cleanly and carefully to round them off and remove any rough areas.

3. Use a tape measure or ruler to mark two spots in the middle of the drawer front - 100mm apart. That is where the cord pull handle will be fitted.

4. Knot both ends of the rope and screw each knot to one of the marked spots, ideally so that the ends of the screws peek out on the other side of the plywood for a secure fit.

5. Use your Dremel MultiTool and metal cutting wheel to cut off the protruding screw ends on the inside of the drawer easily and cleanly. DO wear safety goggles when cutting through any metal or material that may chip or spark.

6. Now all that's left to do is to finish off your project. Use low-VOC acrylic paint on the outer box and Woodoc 10 interior sealer on the drawer section.