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How to sharpen anything with DMT Sharpening Tools

There is almost nothing that DMT range cannot sharpen with their comprehensive of sharpening units that includes Bench Stones, Folding Sharpeners, Sharpening Steels, Pocket Sharpeners, Featured Products, Double-sided Diafold® Diamond Sharpener to name but a few.


DMT has sharpening products for almost everything that needs to be sharpened, and sharpening can also be done by anyone in the home. From scissors and kitchen knives to workshop tools - all can be sharpened easily with the right DMT stone.

View the DMT product range on and then pop on to DMT Sharpeners and click through to their web site to watch instructional videos on how to sharpen almost anything, plus find more information on  DMT tools and kits.





The DMT range of sharpening tools and kits includes:

Bench Stones

2-grit folding sharpener that is compact and easy to use. Available in four grit combinations for maximum versatility.

Diamond Whetstone

Offer high performance sharpening with interrupted and continuous surfaces in a broad range of sizes.

Dia-Sharp Diamond Bench Stone

A continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time. Available in a wide range of grits and sizes.

Dia-Sharp® Compact Sharpener Kit

Great for sharpening on the go! This 3-grit (extra-fine, fine and coarse) diamond sharpening kit easily fits in a pocket or wallet.


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