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DIY Divas Furniture Workshops

If you want to make your own furniture but don't know how or where to start, now's your chance to sign up for a DIY Divas Workshop in Cape Town, Joburg or Pretoria.


At DIY Divas we offer a variety of workshops for men and ladies, from learning the basics of using power tools for the first time to making your own furniture. Sign up for a Beginners Power Tools / Woodwork workshop and then take it to the next step with an Advanced workshop. We show you how to use the tools with plenty of advice, tips and tricks that you can use at home. At all our workshops you get to use the power tools yourself to gain the confidence to make your own projects.

Book now to make our Step Stool - Toolbox combination. It is designed to be sturdy and strong. We supply all the tools and materials necessary to make the project and then you can finish it at home.





If you have basic knowledge of working with tools and want to have more practice making projects, we have a variety of practical furniture projects for the home. From a circular upholstered ottoman to a bathroom bench, all our projects are designed to give you hands-on experience with a variety of tools and techniques. Visit for more details and to book at a venue close to you.