DIY Divas (Randburg) workshops for 2016

Get a head start on your DIY skills in 2016 by signing up for a DIY Divas workshop.






Dremel Workshop

The DIY Divas workshops for 2016 start off with our popular Dremel workshop. If you are going to be buying or receiving a Dremel tool for Christmas, then this workshop will introduce you to a variety of tools, accessories and attachments. Find out how to engrave on various materials, discover all the amazing uses for your Dremel accessories, and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.





Combined Power Tools / Woodwork

New to DIY? In this workshop we introduce you to using power tools for the first time. Whether you have never used power tools before or are just wanting to brush up on your skills, you will leave the workshop with more than a few techniques up your sleeve to get you started out in making your own DIY projects.





Advanced Workshop

Take your DIY to the next level with this workshop where you will use more advanced power tools. Have hands-on experience using a router, router table, mitre and circular saw, angle grinder and Dremel DSM, and other useful tools.





Console Table

Make your very own console table from scratch and also understand the basic concepts for making tables of any design. We provide everything you need to make the table and provide advice on painting the table with acrylic PVA and a Bosch PFS spray gun, or chalk paint.

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