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Adjustable corner clamps

When working on your own, adjustable corner clamps are like an extra pair of hands.


I am a firm believer that DIY should be as easy as possible. With all the tools and such on the market today you no longer have to work up a sweat when working on projects - and we women don't like to sweat. I also work on my own a lot, and my adjustable corner clamps have saved me time and effort on plenty of projects.

There are two types of corner clamps available at the moment; the cheapest is a simple clamp with a steel pin to open and close the clamps, the other is the Tork Craft adjustable corner clamp. While you may have to pay more for the convenience of an adjustable corner clamp, it makes perfect sense if it works. 

The corner clamps that have a steel pin to tighten and loosen are ineffective if you are working on a surface. It is difficult to turn the pin. Adjustable clamps, on the other hand, have an easily accessible handle that is turned to open and close the clamp faces. Plus, the Tork Craft adjustable clamp has a quick-release button that, when pressed, allows you to easily remove your project and open the clamp faces.

When working on your own, adjustable clamps serve as an extra pair of hands. They hold corners firmly together while you drill pilot holes and countersink, ensuring a perfect result when joining sections together.

You should be able to buy the Tork Craft adjustable corner clamp at your local Builders Warehouse, but if not, get in touch with to find your nearest retail outlet.


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