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Colour coded for convenience

Now it's even easier to find the right drill bit for your project, with the Eureka colour-coded packaging.


If you're always looking for value for money, then Eureka drill bits fit the bill. Eureka drill bits are manufactured to complete the task and come in conveniently colour-coded packs to make it easy for you to choose the correct drill bit for the material to be drilled.





Eureka offer the following tips for your next project:

- Drill into Metal

When drilling into metal keep the revolutions of your drill low. Lubricate the tip of the drill bit with cutting oil or WD-40 to keep drill bits sharper for longer.

- Drill into Masonry or Concrete

Always use the hammer action when drilling into masonry or concrete. This function not only rotates the bit, but also vibrates, making it easier to break up the material being drilled.

Remove excess debris in a drilled hole by keeping the drill on forward and reversing out. The flutes on the drill bit will carry away debris for a clean hole.

You will find the Eureka colour-coded range of drill bits at Builders or your closest hardware store, or get in touch with to find your nearest retail outlet.


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