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Best value for money Clamps for DIY enthusiasts

This Saturday at DIY Divas we did a mini test to find the best clamp for our project from a varied selection.


At a recent Picture Frames Workshop, held at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge, we conducted a mini test to find the best clamps for holding our frames while joining together. I have an extensive range of different clamps, so we managed to try out quite a few clamps to find the one that worked best.

For the purpose of this article, I'm not going to waffle on about lbs./kg pressure, but more about whether or not a particular clamp was able to hold the frame together while it was joined.

Kreg Face Clamp

We didn't put the Kreg Face Clamp to the test at this particular workshop, but we have done at a previous workshop. Probably one of the best clamps on the market, the Kreg clamp is capable of gripping and holding parts together while being joined. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that just doesn't have the hand power to release the clamps and I end up yelling for one of my sons to help - not great if you are a woman working on your own! The Kreg Automaxx 3" Clamp retails at around R670.

Irwin Quick Clamp

I still have a couple of Irwin Spreader or Quick Clamps that I bought many years ago. At the time, these were the best clamps on the market, but no more. I tried to find a supplier for these clamps but it appears they are no longer available, unless you want to have them shipped, in which case they cost around R3600! Anyways, they didn't manage to hold the frame together - so still not good enough.





Grip and Tork Craft Spreader Clamp

Very affordable, but these models probably offered the least amount of clamping pressure. After clamping the frame to the workbench and pumping the handle as much as it would go, it was still possible to move the frame from side to side. Grip Spreader Clamps are priced at R265 each.

Bessey KliKlamp

And saving the best for last... The Bessey KliKlamp was the only clamp in my arsenal that actually did the job of holding the frames together while joining the frame at the corners. Not only that, once you get the hang of the locking system, it's extremely easy to use - even one handed. The Bessey KLI30 retails at around R455.

While the price is approximately midway between the Grip Spreader Clamp and Kreg Automaxx, it is definitely value for money if you are looking at clamping pressure. The lightweight, compact design of the Bessey KliKlamp belies the fact that this small clamp can handle almost any clamping job - even if it's a woman wielding the tool!



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