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Bed that fits into a box

In a small home this bed that fits into a box is perfect. It doesn't take long to pullout and assemble the box bed, and can be folded up and packed away when not in use.


The original designer for the bed is difficult to ascertain as the images link back to several accounts and the plans claim to be a version of the original design, but I have included links at the bottom of this page for anyone wanting more information on this bed-in-a-box design.

Originally intended to be a portable bed that can be carried around easily, the box bed is just the thing if you need an extra bed that can be packed away when not in use. The box (or chest) houses all the essential pieces required to assemble the bed and you have the option to fit a standard mattress, or use a blow up mattress that can also be stored when not in use.

The assembly process begins by opening the lid, inserting the side slats that form the headboard and then pulling out the handles on either side of the box.  These handles actually secure the side frame of the bed.

With the side handles removed it allows the box to be pulled open to reveal the concertina style arrangement of base supports.



A centre support ensures a sturdy assembly once the frame is fully pulled out and additional legs added - secured with steel brackets.


Slats are inserted into the pre-cut slots on the side frame and provide support for a mattress.

Find more images for the bed-in-a-box here. With a bit of DIY savvy and a copy of SketchUp you could quite easily design and build this bed on your own.


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