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Cleanest cut for hardwood and laminate

The Bosch T308BFP jigsaw blades provide the cleanest cut ever when trimming hardwood or laminate countertops.


When cutting any material with a jigsaw it's important to bear in mind that a jigsaw is only as good as the jigsaw blade you are using, whether you're performing cuts in laminate, hardwood or softer materials such as pine or particle board. When you need a clean, precise cut - on both upper and lower edges - Bosch have introduced the T308BFP Precision Hardwood jigsaw blade.

The Bosch T308BFP jigsaw blade cuts materials with an ultra-clean finish by means of up- and down-cut teeth with a pronounced front curve and 2.2 XC tooth spacing. You can buy the Bosch T308BFP at Builders stores countrywide.






The video below shows the precise cutting edge using the Bosch T308BFP jigsaw blades.



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