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Trim boards to size... with ease!

Unless you have a large workshop, using a circular saw can be a bit of a pain. When you need to trim boards down to size the Bosch PKS16 is ideal for a small or large workshop.


The Bosch PKS 16 Mini Circular Saw (priced @ R1499 at Tools4Wood) is one of those tools you'll be glad they designed. It's lightweight, easy to use, and replaces the cumbersome and noisy circular saw. When it comes down to trimming boards to size, I find it a pleasure to take out my PKS 16 and cut boards down to the size required.

GOOD TO KNOW: The tool comes complete with three saw blades for tile, multi and wood, which enables you to cut a variety of materials.





Setting up the PKS 16 is as easy as plugging in. Once you've drawn a cutting line on the board, switch on and use the guide at the front of the tool to cut perfectly straight lines.

The Bosch PKS 16 mini circular saw is already fitted with an exhaust, which means you can plug in a dust extractor to keep your work space clean. And the unit is so quiet - the dust extractor makes more noise!

You can use the Bosch PKS 16 to cut a variety of board materials, up to a thickness not exceeding 16mm.  That's fine by me since most of my projects are made using 16mm board.

With the PKS 16 you get straight cut without any hard work, time spent setting up, or hassle.


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