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One battery for all your Bosch tools

With the Bosch 'Power for All' cordless systems you only need one battery and one charger - for all tools – regardless of whether you decide on the 18V or the lightweight and compact 10.8/12V system.


Having a separate battery and charger for every tool is a thing of the past. With the Bosch 'Power For All' cordless system you can operate all your tools (in the same voltage class) with one battery. And thanks to the Syneon Chip, all your tools have longer battery runtimes than ever before.

What is a Syneon Chip?

First and foremost, the Syneon Chip is an intelligent, electronic control system incorporated into Bosch cordless tools. This chip controls the ratio of current and voltage, which means tools perform at optimum power - even for demanding jobs. The Syneon Chip also prevents overheating and regulates current and voltage limits, increasing the lifetime of your Bosch tools.

Benefits to You

When you invest in power tools you want a battery that lasts. Bosch cordless power tools - with integral Syneon Chip - ensure that you get the maximum out of your Bosch power tool and finish projects quicker.

The Power For All system gives you ultimate flexibility, whether you want to build a coffee table, cut timber or board to size, or sand your finished project. With just one battery you have a variety of tools at your disposal.

Independent tests have shown that the Bosch PSR 18 LI-2 with Syneon Chip drives about 20 percent more screws and drills 37 percent more holes with one battery charge than comparable tools from other brands.

All Bosch power tools for DIY enthusiasts with a changeable battery in the 10.8/12-volt, 14.4-volt and 18-volt classes are equipped with the Syneon Chip. No matter what your project - you always benefit from maximum power and endurance.

Saving you Money

With the Power For All system, a single battery works for all power tools in its voltage class and can be changed in no time, making it easy and flexible to work.

GOOD TO KNOW: Batteries are compatible with old and new tools in the Lithium-Ion range.


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