Quick Project: DIY wooden  bookcase

Use laminated pine shelving to make this wooden bookcase / display shelf. The unit assembles easily and can be taken apart in a jiffy.


What's nice about this wood bookcase / display shelf is that there are no screws. After you have cut, sanded and stained, assembly is done by inserting pins at the end of the shelves to hold all the sections firmly together. 

We made our bookshelf 1800mm high, which is the standard length for laminated pine shelving boards that you will find at Builders Warehouse.


2 of 455 x 1800mm laminated pine shelving - sides

2 of 455 x 1800mm laminated pine shelving - shelves

Shelf pins - cut from waste

Woodoc Gel Stain

Woodoc 5 or 10 interior sealer



Jigsaw plus clean-cut blade

Orbital sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads

Work benches


Tape measure and pencil


1. The boards for the sides are tapered from 300 at the top to 400 at the bottom. Measure and mark this on each of the [2] side boards and then cut out with a jigsaw. Sand the edges.

2. On both sides measure and mark down from the top at 50/72mm, 470/492mm, 890/912mm, 1310/1332mm and 1730/1752mm. Mark the centre and then mark 25mmm out to the side from this. Cut out 22* x 50mm slots for the shelves. Sand the slots.

GOOD TO KNOW: We used 22mm thick pine. Adjust this* for difference in pine thickness.

3. Cut the following lengths for the shelves: 520mm, 540mm, 560mm, 580mm, 600mm. Sand the shelves

GOOD TO KNOW: The width of the shelves will vary due to the tapered size. Cut these to fit after test fitting below.

4. Once cut, measure in 50mm at both ends and draw a line. Mark the centre and then mark 25mmm out to the side from this. Cut out on either side of the mark to make the ends of the shelves. Also cut out an opening of 30mm x 30mm for the pegs. Sand smooth.

5. Before assembly, make sure that everything is sanded smooth and apply Woodoc gel stain in your choice of wood tint - we chose Antique Oak.

6. You also need to cut out the pegs for the shelves. These measure 100mm in length and are tapered from 25mm to 35mm. Once cut, sand smooth and apply Woodoc gel stain.

7. Test fit all the sections to make sure everything fits snugly together. Adjust as required and then apply Woodoc 5 or 10 interior sealer to all pieces.

Let this dry and then assemble your bookcase!

Vintage look

When sanding the bookcase you have the option to add your own look to the bookcase. You can do more sanding on the edges to round off the corners, add distressing for an aged look, or even whitewash or lime wax the bookcase.