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A holder to keep bits safe and dry

This simple drill-bit storage pipe will keep your drill bits free of moisture, and safe from damage, and is easy to make using PVC pipe and fittings.


I have made up a few of these storage pipes – in both 40 and 50mm diameters - to store drill bits and spade bits, but also screws, nuts and bolts and other items that can rust in the cold, wet Cape winters. A little squirt of a rust retardant such as WD-40 helps ensure the contents remain free of rust and corrosion.


300mm length of 50mm PVC pipe

End cap, stop end and screw top for pipe

PVC glue

Hacksaw or pipe cutter

Find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.


1. You can use an offcut for this project, or buy a 1 metre length and visit our Craft section for more crafty DIY ideas to use the leftover pipe.

2. Cut the pipe to the require length to fit the longest drill bits you intend storing. Use a pipe-cutter or hacksaw to make the cut.

3. Apply glue to the end and quickly press the end cap on to the pipe. Then repeat with the other end.

4. The finished pipe will take quite a few drill bits. You can even make up a number of storage units for different types of bits. Spray a little water repellent into the pipe after filling it, and screw the cap on.

5. The completed unit… the cost in minimal when you consider each one could be storing drill bits worth a collective couple of hundred rands or more.


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