DIY Self-Supporting Bicycle Stand

This self-supporting bicycle stand is extremely easy to make and you can make out of scrap wood, or pop into your local Builders for PAR pine to make the bike stand.



Hubby and the boys have taken up weekend morning bike trails and we normally store the bicycles in the garage. This self-containing bicycle stand is easy to make and you can make up as many as you need to store different thickness wheels, so it caters for mountain bicycles that have thick tyres. 



Because the bicycle stand is self-supporting, you can place the arrangement in varied configurations and store your bicycles easily wherever you want.




4 of 94 x 700mm (32mm) PAR pine - sides

2 of 134 x 156mm (32mm) PAR pine - ends

2 of 94 x 356mm (32mm) PAR pine - supports

2 of 94 x 188mm (32mm) PAR pine - interior supports

2 of 94 x 188mm (19/20mm) PAR pine - interior supports

4.5 x 50mm screws

Exterior wood glue

Woodoc 50 / 55 exterior sealer and paintbrush


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Mitre saw or jigsaw with adjustable base plate

Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders.






1. Cut the sides, ends and interior / exterior supports to length.



2. Sandwich two sides together using exterior wood glue (or use a pockethole jig) and attach an end piece to both ends. Drive two (2) screws into each side section at the ends. Make sure that the ends are flush with the top of the side section.



3. Cut the interior supports to 188mm long and then mitre a 30-degree angle on all the pieces. There is a 32mm and 20mm in this project, but you can use any scrap wood as long as it allows a snug fit for the bicycle tyre. Measure the thickness of your tyres to get  the interior width right.

4. Screw the interior supports together and then screw through the side to secure in place.



5. Now you can glue and join the remaining side section to complete the frame.



6. The last step in the frame assembly is to attach the stand support. This fits underneath the end sections and is screwed in place underneath the support.



With the bicycle stand complete it needs finishing before using. Woodoc 50 / 55 exterior sealer offers maximum protection outdoors. Follow the instructions on the can for proper application.