Make a Balance Board for home workouts

Here's an easy way to make a balance board using plywood for home workouts.


A balance board is great for use with a variety of exercises to train your body, and this balance board is easy enough to make in a few simple steps.


Pine or veneered plywood, 18mm thick cut to:

- 1 of 600 x 400mm

- 1 of 300 x 300mm

Circular template

Length of string

Small panel pin

4 x 50mm screws 


Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Countersink bit


Sander plus 120- and 180-grit sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil



1. On the 400 x 600mm board, use a circular template to draw circles to round off all the corners. Cut the corners to shape with a jigsaw.

GOOD TO KNOW: Clamp your board securely to a workbench as you work.



2. On the smaller piece of board, you need to mark this for the rounded bases for your balance board. The bases consist of 2 half circles that are mounted at the front and back of the top board.

GOOD TO KNOW: Using the diagram above as a guide, hammer in a panel pin and attach the string to draw a complete circle for cutting the two bases. You can use a compass to help with the markings.

3. Cut out the circle with your jigsaw.

4. Cut the circle in half along the centre lines to give you two bases.



5. Sand all the cut edges nice and smooth.

6. To mount the bases to the top board, position the bases approximately 20mm in from the front and back edge and centre along the length. You will need to drill [6] 3mm countersunk pilot holes through the top and into the bases. 

7. Drive in the 5mm screws in all pilot holes to attach the half-circle bases.

8. As an optional step, apply grip tape to the ends of the top section of your balance board.

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