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6 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

When you own a house it entails a significant amount of upkeep, and the roof is among the most crucial components you need to maintain.





Owning a house entails a significant amount of upkeep, and the roof is among the most crucial components you need to maintain. It provides you with insulation and protection, so it needs care and attention every once in a while. Having an excellent roofing system would ensure safety for you and your family.


Roof Maintenance 101

Your roof is responsible for keeping your home safe and cool, and its maintenance doesn't have to be done as often as most household chores. Here are some basic strategies to keep it in good shape for a long time:


1. Schedule A Roof Inspection

Certain tasks are better suited to the experts, and a yearly roof inspection is among those. Though there are certain measures you should take to protect the roof such as checking for apparent damage and keeping dirt off, there are many other facets a homeowner may not notice.

A licensed contractor may be qualified to conduct specific checks and inspections to spot hidden damages as they’d know the areas for improvement in your roof. You may employ an inspector by contacting a reputable local roofing firm like D'Angelo & Sons Roofing and others near you.


2. Prune The Trees

A lush backyard is perhaps one of the things that attracted you to your home. However, natural catastrophes such as hurricanes may propel tree branches into the air, posing a risk of destroying the house. Trimming branches away from your roof is among the first phases of maintenance.

Cut any branches that seem to be at risk of breaking in a storm. Prune those leaves near your roof too. This method reduces the likelihood of dropping various elements in your area, which could damage the roofing. It also aids in the prevention of leaves from blocking up your gutters.


3. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters may do significant roof damage because water that accumulates in these areas may quickly seep beneath your roofing system. During the winter season, ice dams can also pose a risk to your system.

When maintained properly, gutters safeguard the roof by diverting water and sediment out from the base. Checking and cleaning your gutters twice a year can help maintain the integrity of your roof. It can also extend its lifespan.


4. Inspect Your Flashing

Roof flashing is the component that assists in sealing off gaps and curves, preventing water from entering the house. When checking your roof, be sure to examine the flashing.

Check for new cracks emerging or existing rust in the metal sheets. Also, look for places where the sealant is lacking or is beginning to lift. If you find any defects in the flashing, get them corrected immediately to avoid further damages. To guarantee that the roof's flashing is capable of protecting from water leaks, check and repair the sealant every year.



5. Wash Your Roof

A vital suggestion for preserving a roof is to clean it since it'd soon appear filthy with large, dark lines running from top to eaves. This is algae developing on the outside of your home; although they may not do severe damages, they’ll eventually rot your roofing if left alone for an extended period.

Sprinkle the roof with a 50/50 solution of water and bleach to eliminate algae and moss. Even though the bleach can easily destroy the algae, you'll probably want to add copper sheets on your roof. When it's raining, the copper particles flow from the roof, eradicating any algae attempting to return.


6. Inspect Your Roof Every Season

Each season brings its series of issues to your roof due to the prevalent weather conditions. For example, the summer months mean excessive heat exposure and the risk of hurricanes. Contrastingly, the winter season brings snowstorms and the possibility of leakage from melting snow.

It's critical to check your roofing materials throughout the year. Examine the roof for indications of extreme corrosion or damage, noting those parts completely missing and requiring replacement.

Inspect the sealant across the flashing and the gutter as well. Pay attention to every place where moss or algae has developed as this suggests the possibility of material deterioration under the roof. Fix any concerns you discover immediately to avoid problems from worsening.


Bottom Line

Checking your roof is essential for stretching its lifespan and efficiency. Don't delay the repairs if you discover some sites of damage. Fix it as quickly as possible to prevent any further destruction. Consider the maintenance tips mentioned here as you assess the condition of your home.





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