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4 Tips To Keep Your Gutter System Clean And Clog-Free

To ensure that your roof gutters are clean and clog-free, you must perform adequate maintenance no matter what type of gutters you have and what material it’s made of.






As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to care for every part of your property, including the exteriors. That said, the gutter system should be at the top of your list of home maintenance tasks, as it plays an essential part in your home's drainage. Whenever it rains, water runoff from the roof flows into the gutter trough, gets channeled into the downspout and, finally, redirected down the drain.

To ensure that your roof gutters are clean and clog-free, you must perform adequate maintenance no matter what type of gutters you have and what material it’s made of. A well-functioning gutter system contributes to a beautiful home, redirecting runoff safely away from your home.


Here are some valuable tips to ensure that your gutters are clean and clog-free:



1. Use Gutter Covers

Clogs usually occur at the junction between your gutter system and your downspouts, where debris tends to accumulate. If the clog isn’t removed, it can result in water runoff collecting in the gutter trough. If the gutter fills up, it will overflow and water will run along the side of your home, entering your basement and seeping through gaps and crevices in the foundation. This could be your worst nightmare, as continuous overflowing could cause structural damage to your home’s foundation.

You should consider getting gutter covers to keep debris off your gutter system. These are made of grilles or slatted panels that go over the trough, acting as a physical barrier against debris carried by water runoff. You could visit website lists of reputable companies offering effective gutter protection systems. For the best results, It’s important to choose an option that is compatible with your home’s gutter system. Fortunately, many gutter covers work well with both PVC and metal gutters.



2. Inspect your Gutter System At Least Once A Month

While a gutter cover can filter out debris effectively, it's still crucial to check your gutters for any buildup, especially if there are trees and other plants surrounding your property. Pine needles are small enough to get through the gutter covers and could accumulate in just a few days' time.

Inspecting the drains on a regular basis is imperative to help prevent clogs. For uncovered gutters, it's vital to have a thorough gutter inspection at least once every two months. You can check the gutter on your own or hire a reputable gutter professional to do it for you. Aside from your regular inspection, it's also important to check your gutters right after natural disasters like tornadoes, storms, and hailstorms. During maintenance you can also paint your gutters and downspouts once every few years to make them good as new.



3. Trim Nearby Trees And Plants

Gutter debris mostly consists of leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other stuff that come from plants getting carried onto your roof by strong winds. This means you gutters are more likely to get clogged if there are trees and tall plants surrounding your roof.
One way to help keep debris away from your gutters is to trim off overhanging branches on a regular basis. This way, there won’t be as many leaves and twigs falling directly over your roof during windy or stormy weather.





4. Hire Professionals

Do not panic about the prospect of having to climb a ladder just to inspect and clean your gutters. Gutter professionals can complete the task for you if you are not comfortable with the process. Look online for reputable companies to perform this service, or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Read customer reviews prior to making an appointment for any gutter inspection. You can trust them better when you know how credible and certified a gutter company is.

The first task is to call and inquire about their services and share information about what kind of gutter system your home has. This will allow them to assess your needs better. You could get a free price quotation after explaining what gutter maintenance services you want. You could also find the best gutter cleaning prices by doing your homework and comparing different company's fees. Gutter cleaning costs are based on how much linear footage it has, so you'll have an idea of the price range of your home's gutter service.




At the end of the day, having your gutter system thoroughly inspected on a regular basis will allow you to rest easy, knowing that there won't be clogs and troubles arising even when you experience heavy rain. Remember all the pointers mentioned in this article, and you won't have to worry about stormwater runoff which can potentially ruin your home's foundation and facade. Invest in gutter system maintenance methods, and you'll reap the rewards later on.




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