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What Paint To Use To Prime And Paint Tiles

When you want to paint a tiled wall, using an all-in-one primer and paint is the easiest way to go.





Painting over tiles can be a mission. First, you need to scrub the tiles and grout clean, then you need to apply a suitable primer for tiles and then you need to paint. But what if there is a product that primes and paints all-in-one? Daniela and her husband took on the task of giving their dated kitchen a mini-makeover with paint and that included painting the tiled walls and kitchen cupboards. We are sharing their project below and you can see for yourself how easy it can be to paint over ugly or dated wall tiles.

As part of their home improvement, Daniela and hubby are transforming their home room by room and you can find out more about this on her facebook page. The kitchen is one of the rooms tackled and we share some of her images below that show the before and after of the kitchen makeover, including painting the tiled walls.



ABOVE and BELOW: Here are the before and after images of the kitchen makeover that involved painting over ceramic tiles.





Duram PrimeX Primer and Paint Solution


Understanding the need for a more user-friendly product to prime and paint over ceramic tile, Duram has a product that is easily and quickly painted over tiles to provide both a primer and paint finish. Duram PrimeX, while water-based, is a primer and topcoat all-in-one. The product is applied directly onto tiled walls and offers extreme adhesion.





Suitable for all Types of Surfaces

Not only is Duram PrimeX suitable for use on tiled surfaces, it can also be applied on melamine and Formica surfaces such as cabinets and cupboards, as well as aluminium, PVC, cement finish, glass and wood. PrimeX offers a scratch and UV-resistant finish and is easy to keep clean.



Easy Application and Cleanup

The application of Duram PrimeX is quick and easy and provides both primer and topcoat for tiled walls. The low odour and easy cleanup make it the ideal choice for painting tiled walls in the home.

PrimeX leaves a medium-sheen finish that has excellent flow properties for a smooth painting job. You can apply Duram PrimeX with a paintbrush, paint roller or spray paint gun.





How to Apply Duram PrimeX

   • Surfaces need to be scrubbed to remove all dirt, grease or debris.

   • Make any necessary repairs to grout beforehand.

   • Treat any mildew or mould before application.

   • Make sure surfaces are dry.

   • Lightly sand the surface with 120-grit sandpaper or medium-grit sanding sponge before wiping clean.

   • Stir the product well before application.

   • Apply 2 even coats with sufficient drying time 4 to 6 hours between each coat.


Click here for PDF Datasheet for Duram PrimeX


Apply 2 coats of Duram PrimeX Multi-Surface Primer and Topcoat to wall tiles for a professional finish on ugly or dated wall tile.



Choose your Colours

Duram PrimeX multi-surface primer and topcoat can be given a final coat with oil- and water-based Duram decorative paints in select colours if you are looking more than white for colour options.





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