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What is the Most Popular Decorating Colour for 2021?

The most popular colour for 2021 has been used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms and it continues to gain popularity due to its vibrant freshness, cool hues, and its ability to complement other colours.


benjamin moore Aegean teal



Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore has been announced as their Colour of the Year for 2021 and it is no surprise that this colour has become one of the most popular to be used for various decorating projects in a home. For South Africans, this colour is better known as Dulux True Teal and has shown to be just as popular.








Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal - Dulux True Teal - is the perfect colour to use in a kitchen. Use as an accent colour or as the main colour in a 2-tone kitchen. The colour works particularly well with wood fittings and black and white accents.



Not quite a true blue, Dulux True Teal is a blue hue that also combines shades of grey and teal for an eye-catching colour that is perfect for any room but has become a popular choice for kitchens and feature walls. The joy of this dark blue-green colour is its ability to complement other colours in the spectrum and even if you do not adhere to trends, Dulux Teal Tension is a dynamic colour that catches your attention.







Never select a paint colour by how it displays on your phone, tablet, or laptop screen. The only way to accurately assess colours is by viewing paint swatches at your nearest Builders or paint store.



Dulux True Teal is a soothing colour that incorporates blue and green, both of which are considered cooling and relaxing, especially if you already love hues of teal, turquoise and peacock blues. It's a jewel-toned hue that can easily adapt to any style in any room in a home. If a room needs lifting, consider combining teal with white for freshness, or bring gold into the mix for a more glam approach. This stand-out colour works well with brilliant white but can also be paired with warm and cool greys, taupe and many other colours. Plus, True Teal is the perfect companion with wood furniture and accents.



True Teal is an excellent colour choice if you don't like a true blue or green hue. Its combination of blue, grey and green create a dynamic colour that is both bold and serene.



Being a colour that energises yet still soothes makes True Teal perfect for decorating a spa or master bathroom where you enjoy relaxing in the bathtub.



For a plain bathroom, adding a feature wall in True Teal adds excitement and interest.







Drama and sophistication, white and dark blue contrast sharply against True Teal walls and teal upholstered sofa.



Is it warm or is it cool? It is probably best to say that it is a combination of both. In a cooler room, pair True Teal with blush or dusty pink or white, off-white, or grey for a warmer room. You will appreciate the earthy qualities of this colour that will bring depth and sophistication to any room where it is used.





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