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Decorating With Black and White

The classic combo of black and white is a timeless look of elegance and sophistication and allows you endless versatility whether used on their own or in conjunction with other colours.




Decorating with black and white has always been a favourite with interior designers, mainly because it is a versatile colour combination in a modern or contemporary home. It is also a popular choice because it offers so many other opportunities to introduce small pops of accent colours that can be used to highlight any room setting


Never out of style and always sophisticated and elegant, black and white is a sensible choice if you want to decorate in colours that don't go out of fashion, and it is so easy to introduce almost any other colour for accent pieces and accessories. You can use this explosive duo to create a dynamic focal point in any room in a home and it is easy to make a bold statement with very little effort.









Take it to the Walls

Over the last few years, we have seen black features in more than a few homes and it has become 'the thing' for decorating a home where you want to make a statement. Classic black and white work against each other and can be used to highlight architectural details or bring contrast into a bland setting. For example, without the white trim and ceiling in the image above, the room would not have half as much impact.



Painting the walls black does not make a room feel dark and dismal when used in conjunction with white highlights. Both colours are timelessly neutral but can energise a room and go a long way towards disguising imperfections. The stark contrast between black walls and white trim - or white walls and black trim - instantly creates an eye-opening visual experience.







When restoring an older home or decorating a new one, using black as the colour on trim, fixtures and fittings disguises any imperfections that would normally be visible, such as different timber materials.



Define a Decorating Style

A white-on-white bathroom can oftentimes feel too sterile and lacking in personality whereas a black and white bathroom is stylish and contemporary but can still be combined with traditional or modern fixtures and fittings. Black is the perfect colour for creating a relaxing bathroom with trendy touches. Of course, if you are looking more for a spa bathroom then black is not the colour for you!



It is easy to break up large expanses of black walls with white furniture and accents.



Not only is black and white in a bathroom a classic combination, but it also provides the perfect backdrop for all types of fittings. Think chrome, gold or copper taps and black-on-black accents. You can soften the overall effect by bringing in textural elements such as window treatments and rugs as well as wood accessories.



Create a striking theme with high impact drama by choosing black wall and floor tiles for a bathroom. As an absolute neutral colour that colour psychologists claim has a meaning that is symbolic of elegance and sophistication, it is also considered a colour associated with power and authority. In Feng Shui, the colour black has a grounding effect and evokes a sense of calm.



Opposites Attract

People see black and white as opposite colours and they are, but there is more to it than that. Black is considered negative while white is positive, black can be evil while white is innocent. There is no doubt that black and white are opposites and that opposites attract. You might not want to paint walls black but painting walls white and adding black trim adds just as much sophistication.



michael sinclair



White marble with black veins or black marble tiles will never go out of fashion and it is hard to beat that classic look these materials bring to a kitchen or bathroom.







Neutral Simplicity

Black and white might be opposites but at heart, they are neutral colours that work exceedingly well when used together. Think dark walls in contrast to white fabrics and bed linen. It is easy to bring these colours into a bedroom if you want a room to be a sanctuary. Of course, these colours also bring a sense of masculinity into the room, but this can be offset by using feminine hues for pops of colour or accent accessories.


Neutral colours in a bedroom create a surprisingly serene atmosphere that is also stylish and will stand the test of time.



Kitchens, like any other room in a home, can be decorated with black and white. We already know that white is a popular colour for kitchens but not many know that black accents and accessories can turn a simple design into an eye-catching statement. If you feel that the colour is too much, it is easy to soften the monochromatic colours with a hint of earth tones or wooden accents. Bright colours have far more depth and impact when brought into a room decorated in black and white.


Black and white kitchens work with most interior styles and can be dressed in metallic touches for a cosy setting or with marble, granite and quartz for a contemporary edge.





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