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Choosing the Right Paint Colour for your Home Shouldn't be Difficult

If there is one thing that stumps everyone when decorating a home, it is getting the paint colour right.




When anyone talks about redecorating their home, the first thing that is asked is "what colours did you go with?"  That's because everyone knows how hard it can be to select the right colour for a room, the exterior of a house, fittings and even furniture. How do you know what colour is best when so many variables affect how it will look in a room? The easiest way... go along to your nearest paint store or Builders and collect paint swatches in the colours you like and that you think will work best as part of the overall scheme.



New-Look Plascon Website

I often go onto the website to see what's new as far as trending paint colours are concerned, and I was pleasantly surprised at the revamp they have given their website. It looks fresh and is easy to navigate, but what was most impressive was their "Find My Colour" option. Using an online colour wheel, you can browse through an almost unlimited selection of colours, hues and shades.



Find My Colour

Finding the perfect colour has never been easier. Visit the website, scroll down and you will immediately see the FIND MY COLOUR colour wheel. By dragging the colour wheel to the left or right, you can view all the colours in the spectrum. Select the colour you want and click on view colour details and a paint swatch will open.





The Plascon FIND MY COLOUR paint swatch reveals plenty of information. At the top of the paint swatch is the paint code (Y7-A1-1 or 07-A1-4). This is the code that you hand over at the paint store if you need to have paint mixed to match the colour. You are also given the name for the paint colour.


• Select Other Colours

Further down, the ADJACENT COLOURS and COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS are also indicated, making it easier for you to choose these colours if you want to create more impact when painting a room.


• Calculate Paint Quantity

Being able to use a paint calculator can save you a lot of money in wasted paint and also make sure that you purchase sufficient paint from the same batch. This is important as paint is manufactured in batches and no batch is exactly the same. So, if you need to purchase more paint to finish off a wall, you need to use paint from the same batch if you don't want to see any differences. A paint calculator also lets you budget in advance of the project.





• Swatch It

On the main screen, when you choose the option to SWATCH IT you will be directed to a page where you can upload images. This means that you can take photos of a room to add colours or use an existing image to give you the colours in the image. Not only does the program provide the closest colour option but it also provides adjacent colours that can be used for trim, doors, ceilings and fittings. The SWATCH IT can then be emailed, downloaded or printed for you to take along to your nearest paint store or paint supplier. What could be easier than that!





Final Word

Because choosing the perfect paint colour is a personal one, it is never going to be easy to get it right the first time. However, when you have an app like Plascon's FIND MY COLOUR, it does help to make the process easier.





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