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Frenchic Paint is taking over Upcycling and Makeovers

Fast becoming a global phenomenon, Frenchic Paint is a chalk and mineral paint and is THE paint for upcycling and makeovers - on all surfaces.



I am hoping that there is an enterprising individual out there who reads this and realises the opportunity for a South African franchise for Frenchic Paint. This chalk and mineral paint is quickly taking over as the most popular paint to use for upcycling and makeovers, whether you use it on melamine, laminate, wood, and even fabric. There are some amazing makeovers out there using Frenchic paint and I'm sharing just a few in the hope that an enterprising South African sees the potential for this product.







Using Frenchic on Pleather or Leather Furniture

What first came to my attention was how easy it is to transform furniture using Frenchic paint. The secret behind this paint is the 'mineral' element used in the paint. Only natural pigments are used to colour the paint, and this results in a greater depth of colour and the ability to be water and stain proof once fully cured.

When combining chalk and mineral paint, the mineral element provides far more adhesion (stick) that chalk paint, which allows chalk and mineral paint to be difficult to remove once fully dry. You can still do a distressing technique using Frenchic paint, but the distressing is done before the paint is fully cured.



One example of how good Frenchic paint looks on leather or pleather furniture is the project shown above and below. A burgundy leather sofa gets a brand new look in teal using Frenchic paint. Take a closer look at the final image above and you can see how soft the finish is once the paint has fully cured. There are no streaks and no brush stokes to be seen anywhere.

With a single tin of Frenchic Al Fresco Chalk and Mineral Paint a total of 5 coats were applied. The sofa was first cleaned with sugar soap to remove any traces of grease and was then lightly sanded with a fine sanding sponge. The paint was applied directly onto the sofa, with the proper drying time between coats. You need to wait a total of two weeks for the paint to fully cure, and after that the finish is permanent.



Frenchic Al Fresco paint is an interior / exterior paint that is transforming homes. It provides a durable, waterproof finish that is UV resistant, so no fading. This flat matte finish is almost zero VOC and can be used on a wide variety of materials.







Using Frenchic on Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

The Wood Boutique uses only Frenchic chalk and mineral paint for their furniture renovation and home interior projects. I recently painted my kitchen using Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte paint and love the flat matte finish it gives. What is great about Frenchic Furniture Paint is that is has no toxic chemicals in the mix and it's an all-natural, eco-friendly paint with minimal added VOC’s, and virtually no smell, which means it's ideal for painting anything indoors - including kitchens. You can even use Frenchic paint to paint kiddies toys and nursery furniture.

See more on painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards with Frenchic chalk and mineral paint in the video at the bottom of this page.


Found of Frenchic paints, Pam Gruhn, firmly believes that environmentally friendly products are important for a sustainable future. We should be using long-life natural toxin-free paints that are breathable and a perfect choice for the home and family lifestyle.

Frenchic paint is already establishing itself around the world, with more locations in the pipeline. This high quality Chalk and Mineral paint comes in 60 colours,15 of which have a unique wax infusion, another 15 are weatherproof and do not require additional sealer.







Now we need an enterprising individual to bring this product to South Africa, as I am sure that many of us would like to try this eco-friendly product for ourselves. If you are interested, get in touch with






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