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Decorate This Autumn With Plascon’s Colour Palette

As we head towards autumn and the evenings start to cool and leaves start to change colour, Plascon looks to Mother Nature’s Autumn guise for inspiration.




Bring together the warmth of terracotta with a neutral grey for an edgy industrial vibe to any room.



Plascon has put together a calming colour palette that celebrates the radiance and power of nature’s earthy tones and embraces living in the moment.


The Sunset Shadows colour palette from Plascon takes its inspiration from rich greys combined with a celebration of vibrant yellow, calming green and the warmth of terracotta hues.







These colours are versatile and give you the freedom to create both vibrant, energetic combinations and calm, grounded combinations. The Sunset Shadows collection embraces the warm African landscape allowing you to carry the palette from within your home to your outside spaces. Embrace the change in season and update your home to reconnect with nature.

The foundation for Plascon’s Sunset Shadows palette is two of our favourite greys Paris Paving (GR-Y09) and Geneva Morn (GR-Y01). Talking to Plascon’s head of Colour Advisory Service, Nozipho Kunene, she highly recommends these two shades as they are neutral and versatile and work with any number of colour combinations. Inject spice, enthusiasm and vibrancy into your home with the rich, terracotta tones of Plascon Free State Earth (01-C1-2). Or harness the deep green shade of Plascon Ocean Grotto (g1-E1-4) to bring balance and calm. Plascon’s Favourite Hue for 2021, Plascon Golden Syrup (Y2-B1-2), will bring both a literal and figurative glow to your home. No matter the combination you choose to create, you are sure to feel the power and grounded energy of nature through this earthy palette.







Used together, these calming colours are the perfect colour combination for decorating the home. The spicy yellow contrasts with the deep grey while the terracotta adds a natural warmth.



Plascon has created a calming colour palette that celebrates the radiance and power of nature’s earthy tones and embraces living in the moment. The foundation of this palette - titled Sunset Shadows - includes two favourite greys, vibrant and rich terracotta tones, a deep green shade and the Favourite Hue for 2021.







You can tint the colours of the Sunset Shadows palette in Plascon Double Velvet Pure - Plascon’s advanced coating with ground-breaking, air-purifying technology that neutralises the harmful effects of formaldehyde emitted from fabrics, engineered woods and furniture in your home. This means that not only will you feel energised from this natural palette, but also from the improved quality of air. If you are updating your exterior space, tint the colours of Sunset Shadows into Plascon Micatex.

More durable that conventional paints, Plascon Micatex gives  it the strength to protect your exterior walls from the harsh South African climate and tough wear-and-tear of everyday living.

For free advice on how to use the Sunset Shadows palette, or any other Plascon colours, get in touch with Plascon's Colour Advice team via email:







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