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Decorate With a Touch of Green

Known for its ability to bring about a sense of calm, adding just a touch of green to your home interior will help you to feel restful and emotionally safe, despite all the turmoil that surrounds us.





We all know that the colour green is associated with nature, but it is also considered an important colour for interior design for anyone wanting a home interior that is calm and restful. Green has the ability to make you feel relaxed as no other colour can and it is also a colour that wraps you and makes you feel emotionally safe. Isn't this the colour we all need right at this moment?



On top of other feelings and emotions that green brings, green is also known to represent new beginnings and growth. As we move into winter and rush towards the second half of this year, we all need a touch of green to bring peace to our lives and the turmoil that surrounds us.









What is nice about green is its ability to complement a neutral colour palette and bring life to earthy hues. You don't even need to introduce a lot of green into a setting for it to have any effect. You can bring green into any room by using fabrics and textiles, decor accessories such as cushions or a throw, or have furniture upholstered in your favourite shade of green. Below are some examples of how you can incorporate the colour green into the home.



Green in the Living Room

Bringing the colour green into a living room, particularly one decorated in neutral hues with organic touches, is the perfect dynamic and brings a refreshing touch that is both elegant and relaxing. Think hues such as moss green for a more subtle effect or emerald green for drama and impact. Green works beautifully with neutral colours, earthy tones as well as cream, taupe, greige or grey.








Green in the Kitchen

If you currently have or looking to install a shaker, cottage or country kitchen, green is the perfect way to inject colour into any of these kitchen designs. You can select a muted green if the kitchen does not receive a lot of natural light or go darker for more impact in a sunny kitchen. Pair green with white and wood finishes to complete the look.





Because green is associated with nature, adding wood fittings and fixtures to a kitchen only adds to the warmth and charm as well as a sense of tradition. If you want to follow through on a traditional theme for a kitchen, look at flagstone or terracotta floor tiles.





Green in the Bedroom

Green is a perfect colour for bedrooms, especially since the bedroom is supposed to be a retreat after a hard day's work. Because green has a soothing and restful effect on the senses, it will help you to relax and unwind at the end of every day. You don't need to use large doses of green to achieve the desired effect and can look at fabric and textiles to do the job easily. Green curtains paired with bamboo blinds, or a natural fibre rug with green elements - these will all help to make the bedroom a soothing place.





As with other rooms in the home that are decorated with green, this colour pairs well with crisp white and gives off warm vibes with the addition of organic materials and wood accents.







A light green will be airy and fresh in a bedroom while a darker green or jewel hue will create a sophisticated look for a bedroom.





While incorporating green into a room, it is also nice to include natural and organic materials such as natural fibre rugs or, as shown below, bamboo blinds.





Complete the look with a distressed chest that works perfectly as a bedside table.





Those who only want a small injection of green, love the idea of incorporating a few silk garlands of greenery wrapped around the coir rope used to hang the bed.





Blue is considered a calming and soothing colour for the bedroom and, being a colour that symbolises nature, perfectly complements green and is a wonderful colour combination for a guest or master bedroom.





If you are setting up or decorating a playroom, using green in the form of artificial plants on a wall or artificial grass on the floor gives the room a playful vibe that can be used as an indoor play alternative to the outdoors during the winter.





Adding green to a guest bedroom, even if it is only in small doses, brings a sense of calm to the bedroom.





Green in the Bathroom

Using green in the bathroom is an invigorating way to start the day. The fresh vibes of green will create the ideal atmosphere and can be used in light or dark hues depending on the look you want to achieve. Also, depending on the shade of green that you select, a bathroom can be warm or cool and all shades and hues work just as well with neutral colours and wood or gold, copper or bronze metallic elements.





In a traditional or restored home, dark green brings an authentic touch to a bathroom. Swap out fixtures for those related to the period for vintage appeal.






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