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Be Smart When Choosing A Colour to Paint

Colour trends come and go every year, but a smart homeowner chooses a paint that looks good - for a long time!



Every year we see a new colour trending as the 'Colour of the Year', and that's all fine and well if you intend to paint your home every single year. The smart homeowner chooses a paint colour that not only looks good, but it's a colour that doesn't need to be changed every year - a paint colour that lasts a few years.







The colour for this year, as chosen by leading paint manufacturers, is emerald green and I must be honest and say that this isn't a colour I see ever ending up on the walls inside - our outside - my house. Some of the other colours hinted at to be popular are a light ochre (or deep yellow) and a horrible pink colour. As part of my research for trending and popular, I have come across hundreds of posts on colours that are no longer on-trendy and two of which were a dusky pink and yellow. These colours should be trashed and never again see the light of day, never mind be used to paint your home!

Research has shown that when putting your home up for sale, the colours you choose can have an impact on whether or not you will have a quick sale or not. While I do agree to that to a point, I'm not going to buy a house with a dingy kitchen just because I love the paint colour! But real estate agents tell us that colour does affect property sales and a wise homeowner putting their home on the market should pay some attention to what works and what doesn't work.







According to Adrian Goslett of RE/MAX Southern Africa, colour plays a vital role in how buyers view a property. So before you rush out and buy a can of paint to get your house ready, save yourself the effort. Trends don't matter to buyers, they want to see a property at its - natural - best and not be put off by green walls and pink curtains. Goslett states that neutrals are still the best colours to choose from your home - both inside and out, and neutrals not only look good if you're not selling but simply giving your home a new look.

It is important to ensure the highest value for your home.  If  you're not sure what colours would work best - interior or exterior - discuss this with your real estate professional. They will be in a position to advise what buyers are looking for.

Neutral is Best

I am a firm believer in keeping the walls as a blank canvas and adding splashes of colour in ways that let me change the look when I feel like it. A cool or warm light grey or taupe on the walls will let you bring in this year's colours using textiles, art or accessories. And if you're putting your home on the market in the near future, you don't have to go to the cost and effort of painting walls to make your property more appealing to buyers.







Update on a Budget

If you enjoy bringing the latest colour trends into your home, keep it to items that can be easily changed as and when required. However, it always pays to update dated fittings and fixtures to be in line with modern trends, items such as handles and knobs, taps and sanitary ware and the like, as these help to keep a home fresh and modern.

Exterior Colour for Curb Appeal

One area of the home that many tend to overlook is curb appeal, especially as regards colour for the exterior of a home. Yes, you want your home to be in line with current trends, but not to the extent that your home sticks out like a sore thumb against neighbouring properties. Choose colours that let your house stand out in a positive way.

adapted from article via property24



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