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Warm up white interiors

Decorating a home in white is practical and timeless, but all-white living spaces can be monotonous. Here's how to warm up white with wood and metallic accents.


From the moment you walk up to the entrance, this modern home exudes a sense of warmth and character. The owners bought the property with the dream to update the traditional design to suit their personality and accommodate furniture they already owned.

The living room sets the stage for the rest of the house, with it's floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floors. White walls and dark wood trim set the tone for the entire design in this home with an eclectic mix of traditional furnishings and modern accessories.

Throughout this home, white walls and dark trim feature, but warmth is added with the use of wood fittings, furniture and accessories.





Arched doorways lead from one room to another on both the lower and upper levels of this home.

The homeowners wanted a kitchen with open shelving to allow a more spacious vibe in the kitchen. Floating kitchen cabinets are framed in white with a more modern feel without losing their traditional roots.







A cosy corner features dusky pink chairs and hand made throws - a sunny spot to relax


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