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Trendy Colours for Home Interiors

Choosing the right colours for decorating a home can be tricky... Do you want a cool, soothing palette prefer warmer hues?


If you feel that your home needs a bit of freshening up, there's no better time to redecorate than when Builders have a special on paints. You can save quite a bit by buying when there's a special paint promotion on offer, and we give you the lowdown on some of this years cool colours and warm hues to make it easier to decide on what colour to paint the walls.

Before we look at some trendy colours for this year, we provide more information on the paint finish you should consider beforehand.






Choose the right paint finish

Selecting the right paint finish is essential if you want to get it right the first time. Matt, sheen, gloss - all these paint finishes are designed for use in a specific area or a specific finish, so decide what's right before you make a money-consuming mistake.

Apply Primer

In many instances, a primer will help with paint spread (making your paint go further) and adhere better to the existing finish. Using a primer also extends  the lifespan of your painted finish.

Applying a primer is essential when you are painting on a new surface or one that hasn’t been painted before, and especially if you are doing a drastic colour change or painting on new wood.

Unless you are painting over oil-based paints, a water-based primer is recommended for interior walls and trim. These primers dry quick and make clean-up easy with warm, soapy water.

Oil-based primers are generally for exterior surfaces but, like all oil-based paints, these primers take much longer to dry than their water-based counterparts, and also require the use of a solvent when cleaning equipment after use.

Eggshell or Satin Sheen Paints

Oil-based paints, eggshell or satin sheen are both oil-based paints that have a slight sheen rather than a high-gloss finish. These paints are ideal for interior trim such as skirting boards, doors and door frames, windowsills and cupboards. The finish is tough, durable and easy to clean.







High Gloss Paints

High gloss is an excellent finish for areas that require regular cleaning or that can take a good scrubbing. This durable finish is stain- and steam-resistant and is also an excellent choice for exterior use. High gloss finish comes in enamel paints and spray paints and you can use these in children’s bedrooms on trim, in play areas, kitchens and bathrooms.

A high gloss finish is also recommended for high-traffic areas and surfaces that take a beating, such as furniture, skirting boards, doors and door frames, window frames and burglar bars. The only disadvantage of this paint is that the shiny, reflective appearance of high gloss tends to show brush marks and exaggerate imperfections on the surface.






Matt Acrylic Paint

Matt paint is the opposite of high gloss or gloss finish - and is the paint to use if you need to hide imperfections. You should use these paints on ceilings or feature walls in living areas and bedrooms. However, a matt finish is not recommended for high-traffic areas or where walls need a regular wipe down, as they tend to absorb dirt easily and are not suitable for scrubbing.

Low Sheen or Satin Paints

Low sheen or satin paints are great all-purpose paints suitable for most rooms in the home. These low-sheen paints offer a luxurious sheen that is tough and easy to clean. Choose low sheen or satin paints for walls in living spaces, passages and hallways and bedrooms.

For areas with slightly more traffic, consider a mid-sheen paint that is not a full-on glossy finish, but that is recommended for high traffic areas. You can also use this paint in areas where more durability is required, such as kitchens and children’s rooms. If you prefer not to have a gloss finish on trim areas, a mid-sheen can also be used for other hard-wearing areas such as skirtings and to highlight features such as cornices.



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