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Paint your house from top to bottom

If you haven't given your house any attention in the last 5 years, it's probably starting to look a little faded and drab. A coat or two of paint will add curb appeal and also increase it's value. Here are some of our top tips for painting a home exterior from top to bottom.


As the biggest investment you will ever make, your home requires constant care and attention. The exterior requires just as much maintenance as your interior living spaces, but we tend to put off what needs to be done because of the size of the project. Breaking down the individual components for renovating the exterior of your home will simplify the amount of work, and also spread the cost over a longer period. So let's take a look at what is involved in painting your house from top to bottom.

Painting a roof

No matter where you are painting, it's always better to start at the top, and when we're talking about the exterior... that's going to be the roof.

With the majority of homes having concrete roof tiles we look at painting these, since concrete roof tiles tend to fade over the years. Painting concrete roof tiles is a project that can be done in a weekend, with lasting results if you use the correct product.


Prominent Paints Premium Roof & Paving paint is a high quality product with a 12 year guarantee that is UV resistant and has excellent adhesion qualities. The product is available in 13 colours and offers long lasting colour durability.

Water based and easy to apply using a block brush, paint roller or airless spray gun, apply Premium Roof & Paving paint to cement tiles or galvanised iron roofs, as well as galvanised gutters and down pipes.

Find tips on painting a roof in our Maintenance section. 

Painting walls

Not all exterior walls are the same. Some walls are smooth, others are textured, and this means that you are going to need a paint that is suitable for the walls of your home. Prominent Paints offer a range of paints suitable for exteriors, from Premium Textured with good flexibility and coverage for hairline cracks, to Premium Satin Silk for both interior and exterior application.


Prominent Paints Premium Satin Silk is a fully washable acrylic paint with a luxurious satin finish. The product has a 12 year guarantee and is suitable for use on exterior walls, wood trim, fascia boards and steel.

Use a paint roller, brush or airless spray gun to apply this product to properly primed or previously painted exterior surfaces. Clean up is easy with this water based product.

Find tips on painting exterior walls in our Decorating section. 

Painting trim

Whether you are painting steel window frames, or wooden frames and trim, Prominent Paints have a selection of products to get the job done. Pop into your nearest Prominent Paints store and ask for advice on your particular project and they will be able to recommend the correct product for the task at hand. All Prominent Paints products come with a guarantee, and with the proper surface preparation and application, will provide long lasting results.

Choose the correct product for painting steel window frames or wood frames, doors and trim. Prominent Paints Premium Gloss Enamel, with a 12 year guarantee, offers excellent coverage on both interior and exterior trim, including wood, and is available in a range of trendy colours.

Lead free and high gloss, Premium Gloss Enamel resists scuffing and withstands scrubbing and is ideal for application onto door and window frames.

Find tips on painting wood trim in our Decorating section. 

With these three Prominent Paint products you can maintain the value of your home and investment and add curb appeal. Set aside a weekend where the weather is dry and cool, and gather together all your supplies to get cracking on maintaining the exterior of your home. And don't forget to pop onto the Prominent Paints website for detailed product information, colour choices and technical data.


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