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Decorate With White

There are those that love to decorate their home with neutrals and there are those that prefer to use bold colours. But white remains the popular choice for decorating a home.


White is a colour that stays clean and fresh. It's a colour that can brighten dark rooms, give small rooms the illusion of space, and lift the atmosphere in any room when paired with other colours. And you don't have to go all-white, which is great if you have children or pets, just use white as the canvas when decorating your home. Try it - you may be surprised how comfortable white can be in your home.

White is traditionally associated with purity, cleanliness, but did you know that white is also indicative of confidence and sophistication. Many home decorators tend to stay clear of white because they're not sure how to make an all-white room feel cosy and welcoming. But instead of letting white intimidate you, rather view it as a fresh start - a blank canvas - to highlight accent pieces, bring out the best of the architectural features in a room, or let accessories make a statement.

White is a colour that can be used in any room in a home, whether you prefer to go for white-on-white or pair white with other colours. With the popular trend of adding wood accents to a home, you can use the warmth of wood to create beautiful, practical and personal room settings with very little effort.

White is a classic choice for bathrooms and continues to be popular with homeowners because it doesn't go out of style, which means you don't have to fork out to replace tiles and fittings when trends come and go.

White walls, tiles and sanitary ware highlight shimmering chrome fittings and bring out the best in patterns and prints. It's such a versatile colour to use in a bathroom.

We generally associate the colour white with fresh and clean. To avoid a bathroom looking too sterile and bland, you need to introduce texture and pattern. This can be in the form of wood accents, an interesting floor or wall tile, or with a few accessories that add a personal touch to the room.

We know that our bedroom should be a sanctuary - a place to relax after a hard day, and white helps relieve stress by creating a calm, neutral atmosphere. As with other rooms where white is used, you can soften the look by introducing accents that add warmth, texture and pattern.

White-on-white can be elevated from plain to absolutely gorgeous with the right pieces of furniture and some thoughtful decorating. You can use paint to freshen up a room, and you don't have to limit only to walls. Use paint to brighten up dark furniture that makes a bedroom feel claustrophobic. Today you have plenty of paint options to choose from, including chalk paint, that is easy to apply for an instant room-freshener.

And last, but not least, white doesn't have to be white. Pop into your nearest Prominent Paint decorating centre and have them mix up a white just for you. You can choose warm whites to add a bit of warmth to a cold room, or cool whites to turn down the heat. Prominent Paints have a range of paint products for almost every solution and room in the home.


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