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Decorate with Sage Green

Decorate your living spaces with sage green. It's a colour that is ideal for both warm and cool rooms and works beautifully with other hues.


Colours of nature are hues that complement many decorating styles. These colours can be used to brighten up, cool down, or warm up any room in a home. Sage green is a versatile colour that goes well with a range of contrasting and complementary colours, and we have included just a few examples below.

Your local Prominent Paints store can mix sage green in almost any paint product, which means you can use sage green indoors or outdoors, on walls, fittings or furniture.

With painted kitchens becoming increasingly popular, sage green is a colour to consider for kitchen cabinetry. Adding colour without being overpowering and the combination of sage green and white is an effortless look that make a modern statement and ties in with cottage, rustic, or contemporary design.

On walls, sage green has a calming effect and you can incorporate warm colours to cheer up a cool room, or introduce blue hues to cool down a room that receives lots of sunlight in the summer months.

As an alternative to traditional white or beige, sage green can be used to wonderful effect in bedrooms. Combined with crisp white moulding and trim and elegant white bedroom furniture, sage green makes for a fresh combo that is welcoming and serene.

Sage green works beautifully in bathrooms too. If you prefer painted walls to the conventional tiled bathroom, consider using sage green to bring out the best in bathroom fittings.

And let's not forget to use sage green to add curb appeal or create a welcoming effects for guests to your home. This versatile colour complements neutrals and brings out the best in contrasting colours.


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