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Roll-On Pattern Paint Rollers

Roll-on pattern paint rollers are great if you want to add pattern to walls without using stencils or wallpaper.


Using a pattern roller is a great way to add charisma to walls without all the effort of applying wallpaper or using stencils. Simply choose a pattern roller that you like, fit onto the roller system and roll on pattern.

The easiest and most affordable way to apply pattern to walls is by using roll-on paint pattern rollers. These rollers are available in various decorative patterns and are perfect for rolling on intricate patterns without using stencils or going to the extreme of applying wallpaper.

Priced from R179 for the pattern roller, you can choose from a selection of patterns that are easy to apply to walls using water-based acrylic paints, and there are several pattern roller designs to choose from.





Wood Grain 'Faux Bois' Pattern Roller

The wood grain or 'faux bois' pattern roller allows you to roll-out intricate wood grain pattern easily. You can add interest to wall, doors, or even floors without too much effort.

Damask pattern roller

If you love damask designs, then this pattern roller is perfect. You can use the pattern roller to apply damask patterns to wall panels, feature walls, or make your own damask pattern fabrics.

Wild Fern pattern roller

Add unique style to walls with this wild fern pattern roller. All pattern rollers are easy to use and we've included a couple of videos below that show how you can apply patterns to walls, fabrics and more.

Palm Frond pattern roller

Perfect for designing your own feature wall, the palm frond pattern roller easily rolls on the patter.






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