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Select the right paint for your DIY painting project

The choice of paint for the job at hand requires careful consideration; using the most suitable paint for the most appropriate setting will yield the best results.


There is no disputing that the better the preparation -  the better the finish. But before slapping on a couple of coats, the choice of paint for the job at hand requires careful consideration; using the most suitable paint for the most appropriate setting will yield the best results. Decoding the various paint formulas and finishes can be stressful and costly if you select incorrectly, so select a fit-for-purpose paint.

Prominent Paints new Select range was launched in June and caters for the budget conscious DIY paint enthusiast without compromising quality. Prominent Paint Select has a choice of Matt, Sheen and Textured options and this basic paint guide will help you to navigate the tricky task of choosing the right paint for the right job at hand.

Sheen paints are good for children’s rooms because it takes more wear and tear than matt paints and easily withstands a light scrub. Prominent Paints Select Sheen is washable and scrubbable and a good indoor and outdoor option with a velvet smooth finish and can be used on correctly primed walls, metal, wood and unglazed bricks.  What’s important to remember is that as a rule, the higher the sheen the better the durability.

Flat or matt paint has little-to-no shine – its coarse pigments deflect light rather than absorb it, making faults in the underlying surface less obvious. Often thought to be a more elegant finish, be aware that a matt option is prone to scuff and mark. Don’t opt for matt for high-traffic areas or kids’ rooms – the paint will not withstand the level of cleaning and scrubbing required. That said, the Prominent Paints Select Matt has been engineered for its stain resistance and is an excellent option for walls and ceilings and suitable for indoor or outdoor paint jobs.

The Select Textured option is an exterior only wall coating that is UV-resistant to stand up to the seven year paint film guarantee the product offers. The excellent flexibility ensures the paint is tough and durable and has the ability to bridge hairline cracks. Prominent Paints Select Textured is the ideal paint for all exterior walls and boundary walls and when used in combination with Prominent Paints Dampcure, will prevent and combat rising moisture associated with exterior walls.

Remember that good preparation is critical to a good, long-lasting finish so don’t skip the scraping, sanding, and cleaning and while some paints claim to eliminate the need to prime the surface – this is not advisable. Applying two coats for long life and optimal coverage is still a recommend norm.

Prominent Paints new Matt and Sheen options come standard in white and a clear tint base and in standard packaging sizes of 1L, 5L and 20L. Select Textured, available in a white controlled base, is available in 5L and 20L.  Adding to the range, Select Wall & Ceiling, Select Gloss, and Select Plaster Primer will be launched over the next few weeks, and last but not least is Select Roof/Paving, which will be available in a variety of colours. With a seven year paint film guarantee, this interior and exterior high-quality, hardwearing, water-based, low VOC, low odour paint, ticks all the checks and balances when it comes to quality and affordability.

The launch roll-out will begin with Prominent Paints Select partners and will follow to the rest of the Group’s Independent retailers and Paint Centres over the next three months. For more visit or call the customer care line on 0861 77 66 46.


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