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Paint your home with Prominent Paints Select range

My master bathroom is in the process of getting a much needed makeover. I used Prominent Paints Select Matt in a whisper grey to paint the walls.


To tie in with the new bathroom vanity and decorative framed mirror that I made and installed, the bathroom walls were painted in whisper grey. The original colour - a dark blue colour - was starting to feel drab and dull and I wanted to colour that would be fresh and light. White would be too stark in contrast with the grey-blue tiles, but the whisper grey works perfectly and complements the new metallic silver mirror frame.

I chose to go with Prominent Paints Select Matt for this painting project. The plaster finish on the walls is more of a scratch coat than an actual decorative plaster that looks ugly when viewed up close. Using a matt paint helps to disguise blemishes and defects - making them almost disappear.





After scrubbing down the walls with Polycell Sugar Soap, it was only necessary to apply two coats of Prominent Select Matt over the dark blue. The first coat was applied in the morning, and the second coat in the afternoon.  

Use a paintbrush to cut in around all the edges. This will prevent any messy lines when you go over the wall with a paint roller. If you don't have a steady hand, place a strip of masking tape along edges that are not being painted.

Whatever paint roller you use, and after cutting in along the edges, work the roller in a 'W' shape to spread the paint over the wall and the roll back over this to even out the paint and cover wall area.


Cut off any scruffy edges on a paint roller for a clean paint edge. Keep your paint rollers fluffy by washing clean with soapy water and rinsing well until the water runs clean. Fluff up the pile once dry.