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High performance exterior coating with 15 year guarantee

One of the most durable waterproof coatings in Africa, Prominent Paints' Neuklad is the first exterior paint to offer a 15-year paint film guarantee in over a decade.

Prominent Paint's Neuklad is the first exterior paint in South Africa that comes with a 15-year paint film guarantee. Neuklad has proven that it is durable, versatile and the ideal solution for an exterior waterproof coating. Neuklad is a 100% pure acrylic blended paint, reinforced with specially selected fibres. This carefully designed combination of raw materials affords high-performance Neuklad its unmatched flexibility and excellent elasticity, and is the secret behind its unrivalled ability to bridge hairline cracks and withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Neuklad is manufactured according to the SABS ISO 9001 quality standards.

The product is specifically formulated to provide the answer to the harsh weather conditions South African buildings are exposed to, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, wet winters, the effect of the sea in coastal areas, and air pollution.

For best results all surfaces should be prepared with a high-performance alkali-resistant sealer prior to painting. The sealer is formulated with carefully selected solvent-based acrylic copolymers that ensure excellent penetration into surfaces and superior adhesion of subsequent coats. The product is ideal for sealing porous, chalky and friable surfaces, and also functions as a barrier against alkali attack.

When used together with a membrane Neuklad forms an excellent waterproofing system due to superior adhesion properties and resistance to dirt retention.

Prominent Paints High-Performance Neuklad will cover between 5 to 7m²/litre without a membrane and with a membrane between 1,5 to 1,8m²/litre, dependent on substrate type and texture. High-Performance Neuklad will be touch-dry after 30 minutes at 23⁰C when applied without a membrane and a second coat can be applied after four hours at 23⁰C.

For a free specification, contact Prominent Paints’ technical services department on 0861 77 66 46 or find the technical data sheets on

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