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Colour Mistakes to Avoid

When choosing paint colour for a room - or for your entire home - you want to get it right. But sometimes it can end up matchy-matchy, or bland more than monochrome. We asked paint experts, Prominent Paints, to give us a few tips.


If you don't have a natural talent for choosing complementary or contrasting colour schemes, you can spend hours agonising over the 'right' and 'wrong' colours. To make choosing colour easier we asked paint experts, Prominent Paints, to compile a list of colour mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Don't go overboard

This is the house where every room is different; where it started out as eclectic and ended up as chaotic! Rooms should have a flow to them, a sense of connectedness where a single style is reflected in each room. If you want to incorporate different colours in each room, incorporate a single colour in each room that ties them all together.





Exercise restraint when decorating an entire house - let the colours flow from room to room and stick to a single style.

Boost a single-colour palette

Some people love to decorate a room with a monochromatic colour scheme, or perhaps a neutral palette, but it's important to ensure it doesn't become one dimensional and flat. Using a single colour for walls, furnishings and accessories is boring to the eye. Use the 60-30-10 principle when decorating any room and bring in a few elements that add life, such as a few bold accessories, textured / wood accents, or be sure to add a feature wall or focal point that adds interest to the room.

Use paint for best effect

Walls don't have to be flat or one dimensional. By using different paint finishes you can bring walls to life. Todays paints are available in a variety of finishes, from flat / matt to sheen. When using darker colours, on a feature wall for instance, you can create a dramatic feature with a combination of matt and sheen finishes.

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