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Living Rooms Go Bold

If you are looking for ways to add pops of accent colour to your living room, read on...


Any interior designer will tell you that it is easy to bring a room to life with subtle pops of accent colour. The secret is to do it in a way that is classy - not trashy.

You may think that bold colours are not in your comfort zone, but bold colours in a living room - or any room in your home - add personality and character and most importantly, create a statement. Think about how colour can be used to create a cosy living room, a calm atmosphere, or where vivid hues can create a sense of drama.






Follow these tips to energize your living room:

Look at how you use the room

It is easy to use bold accent colours to any room - its all about how colours are used in the room. Think about the statement you want to make or the mood you want to create. Depending on the colours that you choose, bright tones add energy to a room while darker, more sumptuous tones add drama and high impact.

Where your living room is decorated in monochromatic hues such as black and white, you can select accent colours by taking these from artwork. If the piece has several bold colours, add accessories in the same or contrasting hues.

When decorating with a neutral colour palette, using a bold colour on the ceiling or trim will deliver instant impact. The most popular colours are greens, muted pinks, blues and some yellows. People tend to feel more comfortable with these classic colours.




How to be bold

There is more than one way to be bold and introduce pops of accent colour; from painting a wall or room in a specific colour for dramatic effect to using small decorative accents. It is so easy to experiment with geometric patterns on feature walls. What is important is to ensure that any bold accent colours should complement other textiles, rugs, upholstered furnishings and materials used in the space. These elements often inspire a bold colour selection while creating cohesion in a room.



Use a combination of bold colours for drama and high impact by mixing together, as long as they are complementary to one another. Pick up the tones through art or accessories in the room as cues for the colours you use.

Another fun way to introduce bold colour and create a statement feature is by highlighting a particular element or feature; think doors or cabinetry, or even a piece of accent furniture. There are so many ways to incorporate bold hues; you might consider painting a pair of matching chairs in a vivid blue to give them a new life, or paint a fireplace surround or feature wall to immediately draw the eye. Keep in mind that repetition is often a way to create balance.






Creating a balanced look

Creating balance is of the utmost importance when selecting colours. You want to be repetitive - repeat the hue elsewhere in the room to make it easier for the eye to travel through the space. If you decide to paint a wall or door in a bold hue, bring in an accent pillow, throw or artwork in the same hue so that it ties in with the main colour and balances out the look.

The key is to balancing bold colours is to think carefully about how you want to apply these colours to a space. Don't just rush in with colour - visualise the room and what elements would work best to highlight and bring out the best in the space.



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