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Living Coral - Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year

Living Coral is Pantone's 2019 Colour of the Year - a warm hue that gives a sense of comfort to any home.


Living Coral is expected to dominate in the year ahead as a colour that provides a feeling of comfort in a world overwhelmed with digital devices that makes us feel detached and alone. Pantone selected this colour for the fact that it "imparts an energizing feeling that is both desired and familiar."

Living Coral is a vibrant colour that wraps us in warmth, despite the onslaught of digital technology in our daily life. The warm hues symbolize our need for optimism and joyful pursuits and a desire for playful expression. While we have enjoyed the fun of blush pink, Living Coral is a energizing colour that combines hues of pink and peach and that nurtures and fills our home with playful expression - no matter the season.



Some might find Living Coral a tad over the top and not suitable for decorating walls or large expanses, which is why I love that you can introduce this colour in small doses as an accent colour. The peachy hues in Living Coral used add warmth to a white or room decorating in neutral colours, while it complements cooler hues like aqua and teal.

Inject personality into a plain or neutral room with shots of Living Coral colour in soft cushions and decor accessories. Living Coral pairs well with greys and greens to warm up monochromatic colour schemes and we are definitely going to be seeing more of this colour in the future.



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