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Is Greige Your Favourite Wall Colour?

As one of the most popular paint colours for walls in a home, greige provides a neutral backdrop for decorating with a cool or warm undertone.



Using greige for walls lets you experiment with a wide variety of accent colours.


Up until a few years back, greige was my most go-to colour for decorating my home. I love the fact that the combination of grey and beige - greige - gives me the freedom to make a room feel warm or cool, depending on the season, simply by adding a few accessories.

Take a look at Pinterest and Instagram and you will see hundreds of images where greige is used as a neutral colour for decorating a home and it is one of those neutral colours that give you to most options when decorating your home if you want a dash of colour on the walls.







In this article, we look at a few ways to cool down or warm up a home with greige.



Not just a single colour, greige can be light or dark, warm or cool, to provide the right atmosphere for any room in a home.



For many years, beige was to go-to colour for decorating the home. This neutral colour brought a touch of warmth to a room that was easy to use as a backdrop for a variety of decorating styles. More recently, grey has taken over as the most popular paint colour for walls, but not a cold grey that comes across as cold and industrial, no, today's grey has just a hint of beige to bring you the appeal of grey with the warmth of beige.





As a neutral colour for walls, greige blends perfectly with all decorating styles, from contemporary to more traditional settings.



Grey might be a combination of grey and beige but there is more to it than that. Add a bit more blue to the mix and you have a cool-toned greige that is perfect for rooms that receive a lot of natural light during the day. For rooms that don't receive a lot of natural sunlight and tend to be on the chilly side, add a drop of red to greige and it becomes a warm-toned colour.

When selecting the right hue of greige, pop into your local Builders store and take home a few colour swatches to try out in the rooms you want to decorate. Make sure to pick a hue that is cool or warm, depending on the positioning of the room and the amount of natural light it receives. You will also want to select a hue that complements the colours already used in a specific room or colours that you plan to add.







In this living room, a warm greige provides the perfect backdrop for a cool, blue sofa.




If you opt for only a splash of greige on the walls, a colour that is hardly there but definitely not white, check out the Fired Earth Whispers range of colours in barely-there hues. The range of colours ranges from warm to cool hues that are easy to apply, easy to clean and provide a beautiful, neutral canvas on which to layer on colour combinations of your choice. And once your walls are painted, you can add pops of colour to your rooms with accessories.


When you feel that white lacks personality, greige is a neutral hue that works well with many other colours and brings warmth to an otherwise blank room.


A splash of greige on walls adds character to a white and pink bedroom.








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