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How To Warm Up A White Dining Room

Despite colour trends, many homeowners still prefer to use white as the main colour when decorating a home, but how do you add warmth to a white dining room.



White will always be a popular colour choice for decorating a home, especially one in a hot clime such as ours. When used for decorating rooms in the home, white has a refreshing effect and also goes a long way towards making a room feel more spacious. The one disadvantage of decorating in white, however, is that it can come across as sterile and bland - a room that lacks personality and charm. So how would you go about adding warmth to a white room - or in this case - a white dining room?


Advantages of decorating with white

White is a colour that can be used in conjunction with any other colour on the colour wheel. White is the perfect colour if you want to make a small room feel more spacious, or you want to add brightness to a room that doesn't receive a lot of natural light, such as in a bathroom or guest toilet. White also remains a popular colour choice for homeowners when decorating since it allows you so much freedom with furniture and accessories - it acts as a blank canvas on which you can layer on colour with furniture, fittings and decor accessories.


Perfect for a small dining room, white has the ability to make a room feel spacious, light and airy - simply with the power of paint.







Disadvantages of decorating with white

Nothing offers the look of cleanliness as does white, but hand-in-hand with that often comes the feeling of a sterile or stark space that offers no character or warmth. Another disadvantage, but one that also works to your advantage, is that white quickly shows up dirt but it's so easy to fix up any repairs or do touch-ups without any colour-matching since white paint is always available and you don't have to pay anything extra to have it mixed to a specific colour.


Adding warmth to a white dining room

In a family home or one where you love to set the mood of entertaining regularly, a dining room painted in white gives you the perfect neutral backdrop to decorate the space for any occasion. The easiest way is to look at your furniture choices. You want pieces that will be the highlight of the room - that will attract all the attention and the walls will simply fade into the background.

The next step is to add colour and texture with accessories, anything from cushions to rugs to table linen. These are the 'layers' that will be added onto the blank canvas to create the final masterpiece. Here are a few designer tricks to take into consideration if you want to add warmth to a white dining room:







In an all-white dining room, let the furniture and accessories grab all the attention!


- Statement pieces

The dining room table and chairs need to be the showstopper in the dining room. From the moment you see the room, the dining table or chairs should grab attention. However, if you have a dining room that is on the smallish side, you might not be able to add drama with furniture in which case you need to look at other options.


Let white walls be the canvas onto which you layer furniture and accessories to create your masterpiece!


- Organic touches

Organic materials and textural elements offer more than just a natural touch, they are also an easy way to bring warmth into an all-white dining room or dining space. Think airy light fittings of jute, rope or rattan, or dining chairs finished in similar materials. With the table at the focal point in the room, you can use these additional layers to bring more focus to the centrepiece and add warmth at the same time.


While you are busy adding layers onto your blank canvas, don't forget about incorporating other elements such as rugs or mats, as these will help to ground the finished work of art and complete the room.







- Natural elements

If, after incorporating one or more of the elements above, you still feel that the room lacks warmth, look to indoor plants to soften the setting and warm up the atmosphere. Plants have a softening effect on any room and they are wonderful at adding softness to a room that generally has lots of straight lines.


Bringing plants into an all-white dining room helps to soften the otherwise dominant sharp edges in this room while bringing a natural touch into the setting.




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