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Decorate with grey and pink

We love shades of grey, but decided to put a feminine spin on it by adding splashes of pink to a predominantly grey colour palette.

While we love decorating with shades of grey, there's nothing wrong with adding a little colour to this neutral colour palette. Pinks are the perfect hues when you need to inject femininity and sophistication into a grey room. Pinks introduce the sensuality of red - with just the right amount of subtlety. And pinks aren't considered too girly anymore - just ask the guys who are man enough to wear pink!

From palest pink to blush pink to dusty pink, this is a hue that brings out the best in grey. Where cooler tones of grey can be almost sterile, introduce pink and you have a room that is perfect for summer or winter - not too cool with just a dash of heat. And pink and grey look stunning together, just take a look at some of the pink and grey rooms below and then pop into your nearest Prominent Paint store to grab a couple of cans of colour.





Blush pink and coral pink have been popping up a lot in designer-decorated homes, with pink accessories adding a splash of colour to grey spaces. Blush pink has cool tones, while coral pink gravitates towards the warmer side of the colour wheel and is perfect for adding a hint of warmth to cooler rooms.

Pink and grey are a wonderful colour combination for girl's rooms too! Forget about bubble gum or Barbie pink and go for hues that are more grown up.