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More Ways to Get Crafty with Paint

Paint is for more than just walls, in fact, there are plenty of crafty ways to use paint to add some colour or interest to a home.


We all know that paint is great for giving a home an instant refresh or a facelift. But if you don't fancy the idea of painting the whole house, you could try one of these crafty ways to decorate your home that is quicker and easier and will give your old interior a bit of a lift.

Add a Colour Splash

Most everyone loves a little colour in their life, but not everyone likes to paint their home with bright colours. If you fancy the idea of adding a fun splash of colour to a living space, why not go with a colourful shape. You can paint a triangle, a couple of squares or rectangles, or perhaps even a circle. The shape is not the important element here, it's more about taking that first step into experimenting with colour in your home. Go on - have some fun!







Colour blocking has been a trendy way to add different colours to a wall, and it continues to be popular. But now you have have even more fun and steer clear of straight lines with curves, circles and geometric designs.

The colours you select for the wall design can be those taken off a single colour swatch card, or you can express your fun side and use more than a single hue - an explosion of colour.



Colourful Wall Art

Every home should have some art on the walls, but few can afford the high price of artworks. For this project you only need some colourful acrylic craft paint and a few pieces of board to make your own art.

I have seen more than a few pieces of art that looked as though they had been painted by children - and what a great idea for framing your very own abstract collection... let your children paint it. Kids love colour and the more colour the better. Let them be creative and then hang their artwork on the wall. Voila - instant art!

Abstract art is, by definition very... abstract. To many, some abstract art is simply a mish-mash of colours and shapes. And that's the secret. It's all about working out a design and using the right colours - colours that are already in the room and where the artwork will tie everything together.







Colourful Furniture Pieces

Nowadays, paint can be applied to almost any surface and many are discovering how dark wood furniture can be transformed into modern pieces simply with a coat or two of paint. There are some really ugly pieces of furniture out there than can be given a new lease on life with paint.

If you're too scared to paint on walls, paint furniture instead. If you don't like the colour or get bored and want a change - paint it a different colour. At the end of the day you've saved an ugly piece of furniture that nobody wanted and given it a new lease on life without putting a drop of paint on the wall.

The next time you are thinking about how you can add some colour to a room, think about how even a small dose of paint can add a splash of colour - even if you don't paint the walls. Furniture, bookcases and shelves and small works of art go a long way towards adding colour to a bland or monochromatic scheme and will brighten up the space and add personality.




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