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Gen Z Yellow is the new Millennial Pink!

Move over millennial pink, it's time for Gen Z Yellow to take the spotlight.


Millennial Pink has enjoyed it's (fairly long) time in the spotlight, but the time has come for a new colour to make its appearance. Younger and more vibrant, Gen Z Yellow is popping up in homes and catwalks around the world, which indicates that we're definitely going to be seeing more of this vibrant, sunny colour.

It's been a while since yellow was a trendy colour, and more often than not it's best not overdone in any room. But there's no denying that a splash of Gen Z Yellow definitely lifts the mood and brightens up any room - even if it's only a small pop of colour.





If you like to stay abreast of the trends it's time to re-upholster that Millennial Pink sofa and swap out your pink cushions to welcome a healthy dose of sunshine and positive energy into your home.

Gen Z Yellow is all about bright, sunshine hues, and will bring a ray of optimism and positivity into a room in a home. Yellow comes in many different hues, from acidic yellow to mustard tones, but Gen Z Yellow lies somewhere in the middle with its sunny tones. Colour experts agree that you can infuse any room with a dose of positivity and energy with Gen Z Yellow.

With paint being one of the most affordable ways to update any room in a home, it's so easy to add the vibrant energy of Gen Z Yellow. Give a feature wall a coat of colour that is guaranteed to brighten up the space and the mood! And feel free to mix with other colours - Gen Z Yellow can be paired with deep blue, greens and even as a pop of colour in a neutral room.



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