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Give your Front Door a makeover

First impressions are everything and we tend to forget the state of our front door when decorating a home and giving your front door a makeover will instantly transform the look and feel of your home's entrance.


Paint Your Front Door

If you're looking to give your front door a much needed makeover, check out the Fired Earth range of Front Door paints in bold, brilliant high-gloss colours. Fired Earth Front Door is a high gloss enamel paint that gives your doors a smooth, brilliant gloss finish that protects your doors from the harsh climate.

Looking for a colour that welcomes guests into your home? According to Feng Shui, a red door means "welcome" and red is also a symbol of good luck in Chinese philosophy, especially if the door faces south or southwest. So why not give your home a pop of welcoming energy and a splash of red.





In many countries, red is considered a traditional colour for a front door. The warm hues of red impart a hospitable vibe, so your guests will feel very welcome.

Blue is another popular colour choice for homeowners for the front door and is definitely an eye-catching colour. The colour blue symbolizes calm and also indicates trust and loyalty. Won't your guests be pleased to know they can trust you! Blue also represents water, sea and sky, which is why it is the perfect colour choice if you enjoy coastal style or to add a Mediterranean touch to the outside of your home.

A yellow front door will definitely be a standout feature. This sunny colour denotes energy and optimism and definitely brightens up a dull or drab entrance. Since yellow is not a colour that you want too much of in your home, painting a front door yellow is just the right amount to welcome guests.



Add New Hardware

If you're going to the effort of giving your front door a paint makeover, you might as well also consider adding new hardware. Whether your style is cottage or modern, you will find a wide selection of chrome, brass, aluminium and stainless steel handles at Builders Warehouse, and you will also find instructions in our DIY Section to fit these.

Install Door Security

Protecting your home begins with doors, so you might want to add extra security to your front door to ensure your family and your home is secure. Depending on what you have to spend, you can go all out with a digital locking system, or stick with a traditional door lock and add a night latch or rim lock door catch, or even a peephole to see who's at the door.



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